Q: What do I have to do to obtain a Full Driving License?

A: Before we can even begin to get you on the road to success you will have to arrange the following:

  • Apply and Pass the Driver Theory Test - Click here to view website.
  • Obtain an Eyesight Report - Click here to view form.
  • Obtain a Provisional License - Click here to view form.
  • Apply for your Driving Test - Click here to view website.

Q: When I apply for my Driving Test how long will I have to wait?

A: To view the current waiting times for each centre visit the following website: www.drivingtest.ie

Q: I don't have a car, is it possible to use one of the school cars for my Driving Test?

A: No problem, we supply our vehicles at a very reasonable fee to any of our students that require a car for their Driving Test.

Q: Will I have the same instructor for each lesson?

A: Yes, we believe this is very import and it's one of the many keys to success that Bancroft School of Motoring has to offer.

Q: Does the school cover all the test routes?

A: Yes, we cover an the routes in the Dublin Area: Churchtown, Finglas, Rathgar, Raheny and Tallaght,